About OWL

Outdoors Without Limits (OWL) is all about EDUCATION and OPPORTUNITIES!53.jpg


We want to EDUCATE those with disabilities about activities in the outdoors and offer them the OPPORTUNITY to participate. Through our local chapter system we are able create opportunities and provide participation in the great outdoors.


Nearly 250,000 people each year stop pursuing outdoor passions due to illness or injury.  Many thousands more born with disabilities, have never had the opportunity to experience the woods and water.  However, we know for certain that when an outdoor experience is provided to a disabled person, we begin to change their lives.


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Our organization is designed to increase awareness, resources and opportunities that directly impact people and the communities where they live. We strive to challenge stereotypes about disability and promote awareness of “ability” in a positive environment.


Together, we will help change stereotypes about what defines “ability”. And, through action, we build relationships that change spirits and lives.


Providing opportunities through OWL National and Chapter events changes the lives of everyone involved - disabled and non-disabled alike.




OWL's Road to Success:

OWL raises awareness through a system of Community based Chapters101_2292.JPG that focus on providing education and opportunities for disabled and non-disabled individuals in outdoor recreational activities. Each Community Chapter is responsible for making their communities aware of the mission, goals, and objectives of OWL.   Chapters are required to host a Fundraising Benefit and Dinner plus two (2) Opportunity events each year.  It is through these Community Chapters that we are able to raise awareness, provide opportunities, and spread OWL’s mission in communities throughout North America.




The goals of OWL Community based Chapters are to:

• Recruit Members

• Recruit Participants

• Recruit Volunteers

• Recruit Partners

• Recruit event opportunities

• Promote family involvement

• Promote chapter awareness

• Promote disability awareness

• Promote partnering between disabled & non-disabled individuals

• Promote educational opportunities

• Promote National Program Opportunities



Together we can make a difference376162_294457173924548_264246516945614_799518_931805303_n.jpg


Enrich your life and the lives of others forever by getting involved and starting an OWL Chapter.  Chapters all across North America are started by great, giving people like yourself. It doesn't take much to start, it just takes the want to change lives.  By gathering a group of friends, family including anyone who thinks like you...that is all it takes.  OWL will work with you closely from an idea to an absolute success.




Contact OWL today to start a chapter in your community!!!