Introduction to OWL


What do you think of when you hear the words Outdoor Recreational Activities? Is it a picnic in the park, wildlife photography, hunting, fishing, camping?  Yes!  These are just a few of the activities avkirk-speaking.jpgailable through OWL. The possibilities are endless and only limited to the imaginations of our members and volunteers.


“We’re about creating outdoor recreation opportunities. And, we’re all about
doing it through teamwork. This person-to-person bond fosters hope,
confidence, self-esteem and independence in people with disabilities. And  
for our non-disabled partner, we see spirits change through the life
changing experiences we promote,”
                - Kirk Thomas, CEO & Founder of Outdoors Without Limits.


Outdoors Without Limits is an organization that believes strongly in honoring God, family and country.  OWL is a totally inclusive organization with a clear understanding of the need to reach out to welcome participation from all individuals regardless of their race, creed, religion or disability.


As a proud American based organization, we recognize the necessity to honor our country and our country's flag. 


OWL recognizes not all chapters and members will reside in the United States, therefore, OWL recognizes the rights of these chapters to honor their country's flag along with, an beside the United States flag.


OWL understands the importance of involving family, therefore chapters are encouraged to promote their events and programs as family oriented opportunities.



Did You Know...


• 65 million people in the U.S. live with a disability. In 2001, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a national survey. Findings showed just over seven million disabled people participated in wildlife-related recreation; 11% of the disabled population compared to 39% of the non-disabled population that participate.


• Veterans who return home disabled from war injuries will face a multitude of challenges during their lifetime. They may confront growing health challenges as they age. Some will be forced to redefine their livelihoods, hobbies, and relationships several times over. Opportunities for friendship, support and recreation influence the health and wellbeing of these brave men and women over time across generations.


• Families, friends and hometown residents of veterans returning from more recent wars in the Gulf, Bosnia and Iraq, face their own challenges as they confront unfamiliar emotions, support returning veterans can be a healing force of individuals, families and communities.


• The incidence of adult onset diseases, such as diabetes continue to rise, with men and women losing limbs, eyesight, lung capacity, and experiencing other physical ailments that affect quality of life.


• As the U.S. population ages faster and lives longer, age-related disabilities will become more prevalent. Every generation will be called upon to redefine attitudes about community, aging, health, and quality of life.


• Research shows we live longer, healthier, happier lives when we remain active and involved. Volunteering and mentoring are two ways people can get and stay involved as they age.