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OWL Chapters


1.  Pea River Coffee County - Elba, Alabama   

     Chapter Chairman:  Emmitt Gomillion

     Phone: 334.268.1586

     Robin - 334.868.5223


2.  Lower Alabama Chapter

     Chapter Chairman:  Mitch Osterberger "Needs volunteers"

     Phone: 251.404.7754


3.  Emerald Coast Chapter - Orange Beach, Al.

     Chapter Chairman:  Larry Hood

     Phone: 850.232.5639


4.  Wiregrass Chapter - Dothan, Alabama

     Chapter Chairman:  Keith Grice


5.  Trussville Chapter – Trussville, Alabama

     Chapter Chairman:  Anthony Dickey

     Phone: 205.221.3349


6.  Decatur Chapter – Decatur, Alabama    

     Chapter Chairman:  Renee Morgan

     Phone: 256.221.3349


7.  Florence Chapter – Florence, Alabama

     Chapter Chairman:  Renee Morgan

     Phone: 256.221.3349


8. Escambia County AL. Chapter

      Chapter Chairman:  Gene White


9.  Lauderdale County Chapter - Meridian, Mississippi  

       Chapter Chairman:  Brian McCary

       Phone: 601.527.6155


10.  Walton/Morgan Chapter - Monroe, Georgia

       Chapter Chairman:  Charles Adams

       Phone: 770.267.4559



11.  Northeast Georgia Chapter - Commerce, Georgia

       Chapter Chairman:  Todd Haagen

       Phone: 706.207.1903



12.  Macon Chapter – Macon, Georgia

       Chapter Chairman:  Greg Tapley

       Phone: 478.745.0075


13  Northwest Georgia Chapter – Northwest, Georgia

        Chapter Chairman:  "Pending" Need volunteers

        Phone: 803.480.0167



14.   Clarksville Chapter – Clarksville, Georgia

        Chapter Chairman:  Tony Pitts

        Phone: 770.654.5735

        Dave Mccauley - 810.444.2814



15.   Elberton Chapter – Elberton, Georgia

        Chapter Chairman:  "Pending" Need Volunteers

        Phone: 803.480.0167


16.   Chattahoochee Valley Chapter - Columbus, Georgia

        Chapter Chairman:  Clayton Moore

        Phone: 706.527.3325



17.   Collinwood Chapter – Collinwood, Tennessee

        Chapter Chairman:  Heath Daniel

        Phone: 803.480.0167


18.   Memphis Chapter – Memphis, Tennessee

        Chapter Chairman:  Mark Elkins

        Phone: 901.283.0710



19.   Edgefield/Saluda County SC. Chapter  - Johnston, South Carolina

        Chapter Chairman:  Shannon Enlow

        Phone: 803.480.1650



20.   Chesterfield County SC. Chapter – Chesterfield County, South Carolina

        Chapter Chairman:  Heather Brock

        Phone: 843.287.1915



21.   Anderson SC. Chapter – Anderson, South Carolina

        Chapter Chairman:  Mike McMahan

        Phone: 864.933.6608



22.   Richland SC. Chapter – Richland, South Carolina

        Chapter Chairman:  Cindy Peeples

        Phone: 803.480.0167


23.   North Augusta SC. Chapter – North Augusta, South Carolina

        Chapter Chairman:  Les Paul Morgan

        Phone: 803.229.9611 


24.   Salt Lake City chapter – Salt Lake City, Utah

        Chapter Chairman:  Dan Ahlstrom

        Phone:  801-381-5476



25.   South New Jersey Chapter – Vineland, New Jersey

        Chapter Chairman:  Tony Luisi



26.   Central New Jersey Chapter - Middletown, New Jersey

        Chapter Chairman:  Dave Marazzo


27.   Nashville Chapter – Shelbyville, Tennessee

        Chapter Chairman:  Robin Swindle

        Phone:  931-698-2438



28.   Ohio River Chapter - Weisburg, Indiana

        Chapter Chairman:  Captain Shawn Harris

        Phone: (812)290-3831



29.  Tri-County Utah Chapter - Roy, Utah

       Chapter Chairman:  Shaun Rathbone

       Phone:  (801) 644-7403



30. Disabled Champions of America Chapter - Warner Robbins, GA.

      Chapter Chair: Timothy Anderson

      Phone: 478.273.9870



31. Gator Country Chapter - Ormond Beach, FL.

     Chapter Chair: Billy Ray Harris

     Phone: 286.233.9741


32. Buckhead/Atlanta Chapter- Atlanta, GA.

     Chapter Chair: Kile Lewis


33. Tri-State Chapter - Blairsville, PA.

      Chapter Chair: Richard Kasiewicz

      Phone: 724.675.8385 / 724.217.5646



34. West Michigan Chapter .

      Chapter Chair: Greg Robison

       Phone: 231.233.0771


      Vice Charman-Bret Zacharda


35. Lexington/ Aiken, SC Chapter

Jamie Fallaw 803-582-9124 or Dave Peninger 843-910-1572


Chapter's: Pending Finalization Process

If you wish to get involved with one of the below chapters, please call 803.480.0167

Illinois State Line Chapter

Central TN Chapter

Cumming, GA. Chapter

Illinois/Wisconsin State Line Chapter

Brunswick, Maine Chapter

Up State New York Chapter

Lansing, MI. Chapter

Lakeland, FL. Chapter

Augusta, GA. Chapter

Baton Rouge, LA. Chapter

Northern Virginia Chapter

Lake Fork, Texas Chapter

Lincolnton, NC. Chapter

McDonough, GA. Chapter

Dalton, GA. Chapter

Tupelo, MS. Chapter

West GA. Chapter - Dallas, GA.       

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