OWL "Disabled Outdoorsman" Program


The OWL “Disabled Outdoorsmen” program allows Chapters the opportunity to host an assortment of outdoor related events. These events are designed to be totally inclusive in that they welcome participation regardless of a person’s age or disability. Chapter logistics dictate the type of the event as well as the quantity of participant’s.


Approximately 62 million people in the United States live with a disability. In 2001, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a national survey. Findings showed just over seven million disabled people participated in wildlife associated recreation.


As the U. S. population ages and lives longer, age-related disabilities will become more prevalent. Research shows we live longer, happier, healthier lives when we remain active and involved.


Providing outdoor Educational and recreational opportunities for people of all abilities... Outdoors Without Limits (OWL) is an emotionally powerful, non-profit, chapter-based organization committed to creating totally unique and enriching experiences, by reducing the barriers that prevent people from enjoying the great outdoors.


Our mission is to promote awareness and teamwork between disabled and non-disabled individuals through outdoor recreation.


The outdoors is powerful medicine and a dynamic reprieve from the perilous world. Through its offerings, OWL helps people learn about, and use, their inner resources. We help individuals find joy in life and make new and lasting friendships. The program offers a healthy alternative to the downside of today's life.


Together we can make a difference! The success of OWL largely relies on the efforts of Chapters through the involvement of local community participation. By raising funds through awareness benefits and contributions, each chapter is awarded the privilege of hosting several outdoor recreational events. Enrich your life and the lives of others forever! 

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