The "Kids Without Limits" Program




The Kids Without Limits program is built on the belief that, through the eyes and hearts of children, anything is possible.  Our program is designed to not only teach our children what the wonderful world of the outdoors is all about, but to encourage them to be positive members of their communities by instilling the values, respect, understanding, and loyalty we hope for all our children to posses. Children who are enrolled in Camo Kids will enjoy year-round activities ranging from hunting and fishing to camping and hiking, all while enjoying the outdoors with other children and their families.





Our children are given the tools, support and guidance they need to assist them in reaching 306688_375617252483638_100001060991758_1129018_2045923893_n.jpgthe goals not only we set for them to advance in the program, but to help them reach their own personal goals as well.  EVERY child will be given EVERY opportunity to experience the outdoors and all it has to offer with no limits because of disability or circumstance.  We are not only protecting the future of our sport through our children, but helping to provide a bright future for them through the understanding that the only limits we have in life are the ones we put upon ourselves.  The Kids Without Limits Program is a place where children will not only be enrolled in and extra curricular program, but it will be like that of a second family where they will find people who are invested in a bright future for them.  We encourage the whole family to participate in making a difference in a childs life.