"Opportunity for All" Program 

OWL understands the importance of community awareness and the necessity to include community involvement. This inclusivity approach carries over within this program. After a chapter has met their required goal of hosting Two (2) opportunity events, they are eligible to host an “Opportunityfor All” outreach event/events for kids or women within their community.


When we engage a disabled person in an experience that engages ability, their spirit changes. Outdoors Without Limits events change non-disabled participants, too. They begin to see that wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, scars, and white canes don't define who people are and what they can do. Local Chapters plan events for those disabled participants in their area. You can help by joining a chapter or sponsoring an event.

Recreational Events: By providing guided, safe, hands-on recreational experiences, our local chapters give friends, family, and entire communities a way to participate