The "Senior Outdoorsmen" Program


397829_294460183924247_264246516945614_799566_790675561_n.jpgAsk yourself this, who introduced you to the outdoors? Was it a parent, sibling, family member or friend? 90% of all outdoorsmen and women were introduced to hunting and fishing by a parent, most likely their father. How would you like to return the love of the outdoors back to those that provided the privilege to you ?


As time move's on, unforgettable outdoor memories and the excitement to participate fade's but never disappears. While age might bring on body aches, assorted ailments and possibly even a disability, the love of the outdoors stay's imbedded within senior outdoorsman all across the US.


Outdoors Without Limits “OWL” realizes that many of our senior outdoorsman are un-able to participate in outdoor related activities due to the lack of available opportunities.


578860_365486986821566_264246516945614_995439_980493507_n.jpgIt's a proven fact that social activities help senior citizens combat symptoms of depression--a condition that nearly seven million people over the age of 65 experiences. Outdoor activities get the muscles moving, burn calories and improve emotional and mental health. 


Whether you're a senior outdoorsman, someone who works with or a family member of a senior outdoorsman, the outdoors can be beneficial and assessable through OWL's new "Senior Outdoorsman" program.


Chapter participation within this program will help reignite the passion and excitement of the great outdoors while providing senior outdoorsman with new and lasting memories.


Owl is extremely proud to introduce this NEW, exciting and beneficial program for our Chapters.